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Resource Scheduling Optimization

Drivers and equipment


Improve utilization & efficiency of your resources

Build smarter and efficient resource utilization with ResourceMax

ResourceMax is designed to help you generate optimal resource schedules to minimize number of resources required and maximize resources utilization, so you can make the most of your fleet and workforce. With our advanced algorithms, ResourceMax efficiently calculates the number of equipment and drivers needed to ensure your operations run smoothly, and help you to make informed decisions and avoid unnecessary costs.

ResourceMax provides different utilization charts to get a clear picture of how your resources are being used, allowing you to optimize your operations for even greater efficiency.


ResourceMax optimizes driver utilization and allows you to track driver usage by type, so you can ensure that each driver is being used to their fullest potential.

driver 1.png


ResourceMax provides utilization charts for all equipment types, including tractors and trailers, so you can easily track their usage and identify opportunities to optimize their utilization. 


Multiple Weeks Resource Scheduling

ResourceMax includes a powerful feature, which can optimize your resources across multiple weeks to help you analyze trends and identify potential bottlenecks in your operations. 


Best of all, ResourceMax is fully customizable and adjustable so you can adjust your resource utilization charts to better suit your specific needs and goals. 

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