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Efficient logistics routing design and optimization platform to scale your business

Generate Accurate, Efficient, and Complete Route Planning Design
  • Create optimal, efficient, cost and time savings routing design solution

  • Create daily, weekly, multiple weeks, and frequency routing


  • Continuous moves / Interleaved / OD pair routing for different freight types, such as transfer (pickup & delivery), hook & drop, and live loads

  • Routing by zone

  • Create a variety of routes (one-way, round-trip, single/multi-stop, local or OTR, or single/multi-day)

  • Add backhauls vendors to existing routes

  • ​Create fixed or dynamic routes

  • Combined inbound and outbound routing

  • Optimize transportation routes and scheduling to reduce miles, hours, equipment, drivers, and costs

  • Provide multi depot/DC routing and optimization​


  • Routing 1000's of stops simultaneously


  • Provide complete design detail including routes summary/detail with equipment and drivers needed​

  • View all routes detail on the map

Specify Business Requirements and Routing Constraints
  • Multiple days and time windows

  • Multiple vehicles & commercial truck types

  • Multiple vehicle capacity/volume dimensions

  • Stop’s service time & equipment type/restrictions


  • Avoid/minimize waiting time between stops​

  • Max transit time per stop

  • Max out of route miles

  • Max deadhead miles

  • Max number of stops per route

  • Max driving time between stops

  • Max distance between stops

  • Manage break and layover range

  • Max working & driving time compliant with DOT regulations

  • Manage trip inspection time

  • Dispatch cut-off day & time per stop based on DC load ready time

  • Preferred stop sequence (first and last) for high priorities/adding backhauls

  • Adjust max speed limit

  • Adjust travel time by zone


  • Balance DC volume by day to reduce overtime hours

Optimize Resource Utilization
  • Efficiently calculate number of equipment and drivers needed


  • Provide utilization chart for all equipment types (tractors, trailers,...etc.)


  • Provide driver utilization chart with driver type​


  • Provide multiple weeks resource utilization

  • Adjust resource utilization charts based on your needs

Resource Utilization
Analytics, Reporting, and Complete Estimated Pricing Model
  • Provide vehicle-specific toll cost per route

  • Provide toll cost/miles per state​


  • Provide estimated fuel cost

  • Provide driver packages with estimated pay (reduce drivers turnover)

  • Generate shipment matrix report for single/multiple depots​​

  • Provide a complete transportation pricing model for routes/locations

  • Generate KPIs report on key metrics

  • Generate backhaul empty mile report

  • Provide all PC Miler versions to run for the solution/analysis

Shipping Matrix
Efficient Operations and Support Tools
  • Geocode street address (latitude and longitude)

  • Generate precise vehicle-specific distance and drive time-based on actual road speed

  • Provide vehicle-specific turn-by-turn driving directions down to the street-level


  • Determine the best cross-dock/relay point locations

  • Validate address and time zone

  • Determine recommended/best DC per stop

  • Import and export data from/to Excel file

  • Provide street-level map view for the stops to help determine equipment type and provide directions to help the drivers get in & out to reduce crashes

Street view

Live Demo

We offer live online demonstration of PLS using your own data to see how our software can help you optimize your logistics operation and save your business time and money. We will take your own data and compare the routes that you have already planned with the routes generated by PLS using the same resource and restrictions criteria taken into account.

Just contact us to arrange a demonstration session…

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