Truck and Warehouse
Generate Accurate, Efficient, and Complete Design
  • Provide complete and efficient design including route summary/detail with equipment and drivers needed​

  • Provide daily, weekly, and multiple weeks for TL, LTL, and last mile

  • Meet all the DC requirements & volume by day


  • Continuous moves / Interleaved / OD pair routing for different freight types, such as transfer (pickup & delivery), hook & drop, and live loads

  • Routing by zone

  • Create a variety of routes (round-trip, single/multi-stop, local or OTR, or single/multi-day)

  • Balance DC hours/day to reduce overtime hours

  • View all routes detail on the map

  • Optimize transportation routes and scheduling

  • Provide single/multi depot optimization​


  • Provide utilization chart for all equipment types (tractors, trailers, vans, buses, ...etc.)

  • Provide driver utilization chart with driver type

  • Automatically generate shipment matrix for single/multiple depots

Meet all Business Rules and Customer Constraints
  • Multiple days and time windows

  • Different vehicles & commercial truck types

  • Multiple vehicle capacity/volume dimensions

  • Stop’s service time & equipment type/restrictions


  • Avoid/minimize the waiting time between stops​

  • Max number of stops per route

  • Max driving time between stops

  • Max distance between stops

  • Max transit time per stop

  • Max working & driving time compliant with DOT regulations

  • Manage break and layover range

  • Manage trip inspection time

  • Cut off day & time per stop based on DC load ready time

  • Preferred stop sequence (first and last) for high priorities/adding backhauls

Provide Analysis Reports & Complete Estimated Pricing Model
  • Provide vehicle-specific toll cost per route & per week

  • Provide driver packages with estimated pay (reduce drivers turnover)


  • Provide estimated fuel cost

  • Provide a complete transportation pricing model for routes/locations

  • Provide toll cost/miles per state

  • Provide KPIs report on key metrics

  • Provide backhaul empty mile report

  • Provide all PC Miler versions to run for the solution/analysis

Provide Efficient Operations with Planning and Support Tools
  • Geocode street address (latitude and longitude)

  • Generate precise vehicle-specific distance and drive time-based on actual road speeds


  • Generate more accurate estimated arrival time with real-time or predictive traffic speed/conditions


  • Provide vehicle-specific turn-by-turn driving directions down to the street-level


  • Provide street-level map view for the stops to help determine equipment type and provide directions to help the drivers get in & out to reduce crashes

  • Determine the best cross-dock/relay point locations


  • Add backhauls vendors to existing routes

  • Validate Address and time zone

  • Determine recommended/best DC per stop