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LTL Optimization

Delivery, pickup, backhaul, and first to last mile


Maximize the efficiency of less-than-truckload 

Optimize LTL operations for increased efficiency and profitability with MovePro 

  • Delivery & Pickup

  • Continuous Moves/Interleaved Shipment

  • Backhaul

  • First, Middle, & Last Mile


MovePro allows you to optimize your delivery planning process, ensuring that your goods get to their destination as efficiently as possible. With MovePro, you can easily create delivery schedules and make adjustments to your routes as needed. This means you can deliver more goods in less time, saving you money and improving your customer satisfaction.

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MovePro includes a powerful pickup planning feature, which allows you to efficiently plan and manage pickups for your goods. You can schedule pickups based on customer demand and optimize routes to ensure that pickups are made at the most efficient times and locations. This helps you save time and money by reducing the number of empty trucks on the road.​


For businesses that need to both pick up and deliver items, MovePro offers a unique feature called pickup and delivery interleaved planning. This feature allows you to combine pickup and delivery tasks into a single route, reducing the number of trips required to complete a job. By optimizing your routes in this way, you can improve your overall efficiency, minimize the number of vehicles needed for pickups and deliveries, reducing fuel consumption and associated costs.

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MovePro is perfect for managing your backhaul operations. Backhauls are trips that are made with an empty truck after a delivery has been made. By optimizing backhaul routes, you can reduce fuel consumption, lower transportation costs, and increase the efficiency of your fleet. MovePro can help you find the best backhaul routes, saving you time and money.

First, Middle, & Last

The first mile of any transportation process is crucial. It involves picking up goods from the manufacturer or supplier and getting them to your warehouse or distribution center.

The middle mile of transportation is where goods are transported from your warehouse or distribution center to a regional distribution center or retailer.

The last mile of transportation is the final stage in getting your goods to their destination, whether that be a retail store or a customer's home.

MovePro helps you plan the most efficient routes for your first, middle, and last mile operations, allowing you to pick up goods from multiple locations and deliver them on time to your destination quickly and easily, reducing transportation costs, and vehicle maintenance.

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