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Many roads crossing one another

Transforming transportation industry through AI-powered optimization technology


Our mission is to help transportation and logistics companies improve their operational efficiency and reduce their operating costs by providing them with innovative routing and optimization technology that is easy-to-use and highly effective.

Route Optimization


We are a leading provider of cutting-edge technology and consulting services company dedicated to solving the most challenging transportation problems in logistics and supply chain. We are a team of collaborative experts in technology, transportation, logistics, and supply chain. By combining technology with deep logistics industry knowledge, we have solved complex fleet routing problems emerging in the transportation and logistics industry. 


With over 15 years of experience, we developed revolutionary optimization technology to the transportation industry through easy-to-use software (PLS). PLS technology empowers transportation companies to optimize their fleet routing and resource, resulting in increased profitability and efficiency. Our solution is designed to handle even the largest and most complex fleet routing scenarios, enabling transportation companies to achieve maximum efficiency in their operations. 

If you are interested to know more or making use of our logistics knowledge and experience, contact us for a free consultation now. 

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