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MetaNology is a leading provider of cutting-edge technologies and consulting services. Founded in 2020, MetaNology is based in Lakeland, Florida. At MetaNology, we develop intelligent and innovative software solutions to optimize planning and scheduling problems, such as the Vehicle Routing Problem, Task Assignment, Job Scheduling, and many more. Every company faces this challenge: how to assign a limited set of constrained resources (assets, employees, time and/or money) to provide services or products to their customers? Our goal is to provide innovative software solutions and consultancy services to help you solve such challenges.


While we have developed extensive experience in providing logistics and planning solutions, we are always eager to work with other companies to solve the challenges they face and/or to leverage their expertise in different domains or to use our expertise to assist them with their challenges.

If you are interested to know more or making use of our logistics planning knowledge and experience, contact us for a free consultation now.