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AI-powered logistics network design and optimization solution to easily automate trucking and commercial fleet route planning, scheduling, and resource utilization

Designed for dedicated carriers, private fleets, 3PLs, shippers and distributors.

Intelligent   |   Lightweight   |   Scalable   |   Easy-to-Use

Commercial fleet routing is complex, but PLS makes it simple

Our powerful and revolutionary optimization algorithms have proven to provide the most optimal, efficient, and cost-savings routing design and resource optimization solution

PLS Trucking & Commercial Fleet Routing
Empower and automate your transportation logistics business
Increase Your Profitability

Less cost

Less mileage

Less efforts

Less resource

Improve Your Work Efficiency

More service, loads, and orders

More on-time performance

More customer satisfaction

More business requirements fulfillment

Loading Semitrucks


Savings in Transportation Costs


Reduction in Planning Time


Work Efficiency Improvement


Routing & Business Constraints to Configure

Aerial View of Distribution Center

The most powerful multi-stop commercial fleet route planning & resource optimization solution

  • Simplify all the complicated elements of logistics and supply chain planning

  • Provide complete, end-to-end, optimal, and efficient routing design for 1000's of stops at once

  • Easily automate your entire daily, weekly, and monthly multi-stop route planning process

  • Combine inbound and outbound routing


  • Create multi-stop routes with inter-leaved shipments

  • Meet DOT regulations to ensure safety first

  • Optimize your routes based on cost and time savings​


  • Optimize the utilization of the warehouse, drivers, and equipment

Unique key features to enable complete end-to-end, efficient, and cost-effective solution for trucking fleet logistics optimization - all within a single unified platform

Efficient and High-Quality Routing Design

Provide optimal and efficient multi-stop automated fleet routing design, significantly reducing planning time and transportation costs.

Performance & Scalability

Fast and lightweight, allowing it to route thousands of stops simultaneously.

Customizable Routing Constraints

Customize over 100+ logistics routing constraints, including multi-day, multi-week, frequency routing, zone routing, local or OTR routes, multi-capacity vehicle, multiple time windows, drive & work duration, and more.

Solve Various Complex Routing Scenarios

Support combined inbound and outbound routing for continuous moves, inter-leaved shipments, and OD pair routing. Examples include pickup & delivery, drop & hook, live loads, and backhaul.

Resources & Assets Utilization

Provide efficient resource utilization for equipment and drivers, including multiple weeks resource scheduling.

Complete Transportation Pricing Model & Analytics Reports

Provide a complete transportation pricing model with estimated fuel cost, vehicle-specific toll cost, driver packages with estimated pay, and more. Multiple reports, including KPI metrics, shipment matrix, and more.

Support Tools for Accurate Design

Provide all support tools needed for accurate design, such as precise vehicle-specific distance and drive time matrix based on actual road speed, geocoding, address validation, and more.


Simple and intuitive UI that is extremely easy to use, requiring no or minimum training time.

Game-changer and cost-savings solution for
all transportation logistics industries

Trucking / Logistics



Dedicated Carriers

OD Pairing

Private Fleets

Expedited Freight 


First, Middle & Last Mile

Pickup / Delivery / Distribution



Food & Beverage





Medical & Pharmacy

Oil, gas & chemicals

Building & Construction

and more...


Field Service

Home Service




School Bus

Shuttle Service

Waste Management

Pest Control

and more...

PLS is designed and built for efficiency, scalability, and usability

Applicable to all types of mixed commercial fleet routing problems, simple or complex. It is highly configurable, customizable and support 100+ routing constraints

Multi-Depot Heterogeneous Fleet

Multi-Capacity Vehicle

Multiple Service Days

Multiple Time Windows

Drive & Work Duration

Service Duration & Priority

Dispatch Cut-off Day & Time 

One-Way, Round-Trip, Local, or OTR

Daily, Weekly, or Frequency Routing

Continuous Moves / Interleaved Shipments

OD Pair Routing

and much more...

How it works?
Commercial routing and scheduling made super easy


Start Design

  • Import stop data file 

  • Generate precise vehicle-specific distance and drive time based on actual road speed

  • Specify your routing and business constraints


Get Design Solution

  • Generate the most efficient multi-stop routes with all constraints

  • Optimize all resource utilization


Review & Save Design

  • Generate all analytics and reporting

  • Generate complete transportation pricing model

  • Export and save all design detail

Experience the difference and get free consultation to measure cost and time savings.

Efficient Routing

PLS has changed the commercial and trucking fleet routing game completely. Our easy-to-use solution lets you route up to thousands of stops, and get efficient complete routing design including the number of equipment and drivers needed, and ​estimated pricing model. 


PLS has been tested by logistics engineers with more than 15 years of logistics experience. We guarantee that the design developed by PLS would always be the best (100% accurate) based on the data provided compared to any other routing software existing on the market today!

Blue optimal path among all possible movement options. Business strategic planning, risk m
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