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Intelligent end-to-end solution for the entire transportation logistics workflow

The most advanced and revolutionary logistics software in the market to solve complex fleet routing, planning, scheduling, and optimization problems quickly and easily.  

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Innovative   |   Powerful   |   Lightweight   |   Easy-to-Use

Why choose PLS

PLS is an innovative and revolutionary transportation logistics software that is powerful, lightweight, flexible, and easy-to-use. It provides a cutting-edge solution to help the logistics and transportation industry save more than 20% on their transportation costs and improve on-time performance by using our powerful algorithm.

PLS takes all the complicated elements of logistics and supply chain planning and makes it simple, efficient, and cost-saving. It provides a complete, end-to-end, efficient routing design to optimize the utilization of the warehouse, drivers, and equipment per week/day. The provided cutting-edge solution is based on cost and time savings, your business rules, store type, special equipment needed, time window/restrictions, and other constraints to ensure safety.

Our Services

Easy to Use

Save Planning Time

Cut Transportation Costs by 20%

Meet All Business Rules

Improve Work Efficiency



Simple solution for all logistics transportation services

Dedicated, Shipper, TL, LTL, Last Mile, Expedited (High Priority)

Warehouse Inbound

Bus Services

Bus Routes Optimization

All Transportation Services
(Pick up & Delivery)

Food, Grocery, Courier, Retail, Healthcare, Construction, and much more...



Know how PLS is better than other fleet routing software

It is a complete end-to-end design solution, NOT just route optimization

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Connecting Dots

Fleet Routing Is Complex, but PLS Makes It Simple

Our powerful and revolutionary algorithm provides the most optimal, efficient, and cost-effective solution compared to the other routing software in the market

How it works
Routing and scheduling made super easy

Start Design

  • Import single/multiple depot, equipment & stops data including stop restrictions, volume, day & time window from Excel file 

  • Generate precise vehicle-specific distance and drive time-based on actual road speed

  • Specify your business rules and customer constraints

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Get Design Solution

  • Generate the most efficient and fast multi-stop routes for single/multi-depot

  • All routes are optimized with all restrictions and parameters

  • View all routes detail on map

  • Get vehicle-specific turn-by-turn driving directions down to the street-level

Review & Save Design

  • Balance volume by day to reduce DC wages overtime

  • Maximize equipment and driver utilization

  • Automatically generate shipment matrix

  • Get vehicle-specific toll cost per route & per week​

  • Get complete transportation pricing model for routes/locations

  • Export all design detail to Excel file

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PLS has been tested by logistics engineers with more than 15 years of logistics experience.


We guarantee that the design developed by PLS would always be the best (100% accurate) based on the data provided compared to any other routing software existing in the market today!



Request a FREE consultation or live demo with PLS Team.

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